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Our current Managing Partner, Maria Marta Lanfranchi, realized that in the events field, high standards of quality were only handled in 5-stars hotels. In 2007 she summoned Guillermo Busquiazo, our current Gastronomic Director and Partner , with whom she developed high quality products that would reach the attendees in a professional service framework.

Companies or families that wanted an excellent service achieved it only under hotel structures and usually downtown. There was a great need to reach this standard in different locations (houses, tents, saloons, companies, etc.) In the year 2008, they opened the current 1500sqm model plant, where all the items are produced. From there, we guarantee a simple and efficient logistics for any place in the country. Over time, social and corporate events were carried out in a professional, innovative and successful manner. The company began to be searched for corporate events of distinguished brands and for social events of families who understood the value of gastronomy. Today Art Catering is a benchmark of quality in the gastronomic world and has a large portfolio of clients that repeats the hiring of our services proving that they have had a succesful experience.

As our portfolio of customers increased, we added to the team specialized professionals with great human quality.

This last point makes us proud because it not only allows us a profitable business but also a company offered to others, where we can breathe confidence and dedication in every task.   



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We elaborate all our products in our model plant located strategically in San Isidro.
We are equiped with leading technology, favoring the food safety arriving with optimum quality to each diner.
We have dry and refrigerated warehouses that allow us to optimize resources and facilitate the elaboration of large banquets with exclusive details.
We are committed to the environment applying recycling practices and training us in green practices.


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Your highest expectation is our starting point for the custom design of exclusive menus.
We can reinstall each item in our menu so that your event gets a differentiated personality.
Inspiration, imagination and courageousness are reflected in every gastronimic proposal of our” Plate curators” division.


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Environment and society.
We are interested in applying responsible practices taking care of the environment.
We include in our menus organic products and from local producers.
We have implemented practices of recycling and optimization of natural resources.
We established and agenda to collaborate with different entities through Benefit events and a donation scheme.