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We are a company that provides premium catering services.

We cook with passion and creativity as true artists, obtaining distinctive flavours.

We provide services for all types and sizes of events that prioritize quality and culinary value.

We move our structure to any site with efficient logistics to provide a high level service anywhere in Argentina.

We are distinguished by the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth.

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I entered the culinary world when I was between 8 and 10 years old. 

My grandmother assured that with only watching her I fell in love with good cocking. The flavours, textures and unforgettable scents captivated me. In the year 92, without even having finished the school, I started studying this exciting profession.

At my 18 years old I had the first great opportunity, I was asked to work at the Sheraton Hotel, in the mayor leagues.

From that moment until a few years ago, I was linked to five stars hotels in Europe and Argentina. Always characterized by rigour, quality and constant persuit of exellence.

After years of friendship with Maru, in the year 2015, we decided to stay together in the path of Art-Catering.

Today Art is my home, my spoiled child.

Here we all seek and put the best of us to find absolute perfection, so as each event is unique.
I have received, over the years, several awards, such as the Argentine Country Brand and mentions of the Culinary Academy of the Americas. These motivated me and make me feel that our daily work is not in vain. We invite you to enjoy with us the experience of working in what makes us happy.

It is not a profession, it is a passion.

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