Our raw material is meticulously selected.
Then it goes through an artisanal and creative elaboration processes with our own recipes in our ultimate technology cuisine.
Menues are constantly renewed, offering innovated dishes, highlighting Argentine flavours and following trends of the world cuisine.
Using fresh ingredients we accomplish the best results.
The whole menu is soaked by the creativity of Guillermo Busquiazo, who was recongnized as Country Brand.


Presenting all the gastronomic steps that accompany it in an event, Art Catering manages to delight with the food quality and the aesthetic principles with which they are presented.


Personalized in each dinner, our รก la Carte menu marks a new trend at exclusive events.

Finger Food

For uncontructed events where the informal and practical do not limit the exquisiteness of our presentations.


A classic cocktail that allows attendees to circulate comfortably enjoying a wide variety of delicacies that level up their event.

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